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August 3
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VegeNation is everything I look for in a vegan spot. When you walk in to a restaurant and see two paintings of a pig and chicken on the wall that say “friend, not food”, you know you’re in a good place. From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, my experience at VegeNation was top notch.

To start, the chef (who also owns the restaurant) comes out to greet every single new customer dining at his restaurant. I have never witnessed that type of dedication in the past and was blown away by the effort he put in to making his customers feel welcome. Maybe it’s due to the restaurant’s relatively new existence, only being open for about 3 months so far, but I sincerely hope that this tradition does not grow old to them. 

Simply Pure

Vegan, Mostly Gluten Free, Mostly Raw, To-Go Café
July 31
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Simply Pure is located inside Container Park, just off Freemont Street in downtown Vegas. When you walk in, it is on the 2nd floor on your right hand side. It is a tiny spot with only a counter to order from inside. The tables are located outside the restaurant overlooking the park.

For what it lacks in size, Simply Pure makes up for in delicious food. The menu had so many options that I wanted to try, I hope I have the chance to return to try them all! Among that ones that caught my eye were the raw tacos, vegan chicken salad lettuce wraps and the raw chili cheese fries. You could order from the menu or eat from the salad bar. On the blackboard behind the counter, there were combos written – 3 entrées paired together. Note: not every item at this café is raw. They do have items like wheat wraps and cous-cous. If you are on a raw diet, clarify with the server to be sure. It did seem, however that most items were mostly raw and substitutable if required. 

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