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August 3
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616 East Carson Ave., Suite 120
Las Vegas, Nevada

VegeNation is everything I look for in a vegan spot. When you walk in to a restaurant and see two paintings of a pig and chicken on the wall that say “friend, not food”, you know you’re in a good place. From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, my experience at VegeNation was top notch.

To start, the chef (who also owns the restaurant) comes out to greet every single new customer dining at his restaurant. I have never witnessed that type of dedication in the past and was blown away by the effort he put in to making his customers feel welcome. Maybe it’s due to the restaurant’s relatively new existence, only being open for about 3 months so far, but I sincerely hope that this tradition does not grow old to them. wpid-2015-07-28-04.12.40-1.jpg.jpeg

Lets talk about the decor next, because that absolutely deserves to be highlighted. Along the right side wall of the restaurant, there are leaves covering the entire wall with a huge fork in the middle. There are green accents throughout the establishment and cruelty free art work all over the walls. The atmosphere screams ‘health’ and ‘animal friendly’. I felt right at home.


The menu at VegeNation is filled with great options – I honestly had a hard time choosing what to order. Everything in the restaurant is completely vegan, with gluten free options clearly marked. I did inquire about some gluten free ingredients and found out the following:

1. The gluten free pizza is made from potato and rice flour – no corn or corn byproducts in this dish. 

2. The gluten free tortilla in the ‘East West Taco’ is made from a corn base.

3. The gluten free pasta does contain corn (and rice).

4. Pita chips contain gluten in the Greek salad, but can easily be made gluten free by ordering it without.

VegeNation has got it all – amazing apps, entrées, healthy options, comfort foods, alcohol (as they say, “it is Vegas, after all!”), desserts, smoothies… you name it.

wpid-2015-07-28-06.24.48-1.jpg.jpegBetween my friend and I, we tried the ‘Mushroom Madness’ pizza, ‘The Greek’, ‘My Little Dumpling’, ‘Berry Blast’ smoothie and ‘Brownie Sunday’. I LOVED the pizza – definitely TVJ recommendation! VegeNation uses Daiya cheese (which I love) and loads on just the perfect amount. The crust is crunchy and thin, and the pizza is a very generous size. 

To be honest, I’d probably pass on the Greek salad next time. Not because it wasn’t good – it was good – but because there are so many incredible options to try, I think there would be something else that would blow the salad out of the park. 

The smoothie was delicious – huge in size, filled with fruit and super dense. I love smoothies. I almost always order a smoothie at a restaurant. I make smoothies on the daily at home. I take smoothies seriously and this, this was a good smoothie. 

To round off our meal, the dumplings were also amazing, but no shocker there since everything else was just as good. These were my friends and he’s a bit of a hard one to please, food wise. He’s very picky and even he loved them. 

Last, but definitely not least, came the banana split. The ice-cream was great, the bananas were prepared perfectly and the brownie hiding at the bottom was decadent and delicious. This dish is heavy on the coconut, so if you’re not a coconut fan, this may not be for you. I happen to like coconut and consequently gobbled up the entire thing. Although I ate at VegeNation in the late afternoon, I did notice they are now offering a new breakfast menu, which looks amazing. Can’t wait to review it for you the next time I’m in Vegas.wpid-2015-07-28-04.09.40-1.jpg.jpeg

Prices at VegeNation are mid to low range – falling somewhere in the closer to the low end for vegan food. Most entrées are around the $11 USD mark. 

Service was very good. Many people came to check up on us throughout our meal. Our waters never ran dry and all of my food questions were answered enthusiastically and quickly. 

I 100% plan on returning to VegeNation each and every time I visit Las Vegas. As far as vegan restaurants go, this place has got it all. 

Great Ambience, nice staff, welcoming decor
no free parking

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