Toronto Vegan Food Guide

Every restaurant you'll need to try in Toronto!
August 19
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Visiting Toronto for a few days and don’t know where to eat? Don’t worry, this guide will give you all of the best options! You’ll find our favourite spots bolded, in red and with a ♥ beside them! 


If you want to try a south Indian restaurant in The Annex area, this is a great start! Annapurna is an all-vegetarian restaurant with a ton of vegan options. You won’t miss any flavour here! I’d recommend having Dosa’s as that is a staple to south Indian cooking. 

Animal Liberation Kitchen

If you are in the Queen Street East area, come visit Animal Liberation Kitchen where they serve organic vegan sandwiches, smoothies, and juices. This is a great on-the-go option with very nutritious, yet delicious comforting food items. Make sure to try their BBQ Pulled Jackfruit sandwich!

♥Apiecalypse Now!

If you just want to enjoy some vegan junk foods, such as pizza and amazing fried foods, this is the place for you. Apiecalypse has a location in West Toronto as well as the East. The Fat Mac pizza is a very popular pizza and the Vegan Jalapeno Poppers are one of my favourite appetizers. You also can’t miss the deep fried oreos! You can dine in or take out.   


The owners from a very popular fancy vegan restaurant (Awai, now closed) are opening a new restaurant called Avelo later this year (2019).


A quick and easy place to buy the Beyond Meat burger, as well as the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich. Make sure to get the burger without cheese and mayonnaise to make it vegan. For the breakfast sandwich, swap the cheese, egg, and margarine for lettuce and tomato. A great option when you are on the go wherever you are in Canada. 

Away Kitchen

Away Kitchen is a very casual and relaxed cafe setting which serves soups, salads, sandwiches, coffee and treats. Both locations have a lunch and dinner menu. The environment is very relaxed if you are looking for a place to do some work or catch up with some friends. 

♥Beechwood Donuts

While Beechwood isn’t located in Toronto, it is only about an hour and a half outside of the city, in the city of St. Catherine’s. Conveniently located on the way to Niagara Falls, this is a MUST stop on your visit. These are easily the best vegan donuts in Canada. I highly recommend trying their everything bagel savoury donut (donut perfection, filled with vegan cream cheese and toped with everything bagel spice!).

Blaze Pizza

A few locations within the GTA. They have vegan cheese, vegan spicy chorizo, gluten-free crusts and variety of veggies as a topping. A create-your-own-pizza kind of place!


Bloomer’s has just opened its second location in the downtown area and serves vegan donuts and baked goods amongst other savory cafe eats. The atmosphere is quite cozy and casual and the staff is very attentive. 

Bolt Fresh Bar

If you love acai bowls, parfaits, smoothies, and super fresh salads, Bolt is a quick and convenient take out spot in the Queen Street West area. This is definitely a spot for those who eat super clean and healthy. 

Blossom Vegetarian

Technically this isn’t in downtown Toronto, but it is located in the GTA just a little up north in Richmond Hill. An all you can eat Chinese vegetarian buffet. All vegan options are specified and they have delicious noodle, dumpling, and sushi options that anyone can enjoy!


If you are looking for cheap vegan Chinese food with tons of mock meats, look no further! This is a very casual and small spot in the heart of Chinatown. 

Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen

This is an inexpensive restaurant in a Scarborough strip-mall. An all-vegetarian Chinese restaurant with the majority of its options being vegan. You can dine-in or take-out. 


A bakery that is 100% vegan and gluten-free. There are currently three locations of this delicious place. During the summer months, they sell soft-serve ice cream. I personally love their brownies, tarts and cinnamon buns. Whenever I crave something sweet, I always visit Bunner’s!

Cafe 668

Cafe 668 is a vegetarian restaurant with tons of vegan options. A wide variety Asian-fusion menu near Kensington Market!  It is inexpensive with large portions and a must visit!

Celebrity Pure Vegetarian 

A completely vegan and cheap Jamaican restaurant. If you are looking for healthy, yet savory take-out, this is your spot.


Cinnaholic is an all-vegan chain for all your cinnamon roll needs. They have customizable rolls with tons of flavours and toppings to choose from. This will seriously fix your sweet tooth. There are currently 3 locations within the GTA.

Copenhagen Vegan Bakery

This is the second location to its original Thornhill cafe (Vegan Danish Bakery). The cafe has tons of different baked goods, coffees, lunch and breakfast items on the weekend. Super cute atmosphere and a great vibe.

Copper Branch 

There are multiple locations within the GTA for this awesome vegan franchise. They have power bowls, burgers, and sandwiches. Great options for those who are gluten-free!

Cosmic Treats

If you are looking for drool-worthy desserts and ice cream in Kensington Market, Cosmic Treats is a must! I would recommend their Milkshakes or Sundaes!

Dai Bi Chay

This is an all-vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant with the majority of their items being vegan. This is located in Mississauga and relatively close to the airport. They also serve pho. I would definitely recommend trying their Banh Mi sandwich or any of their vermicelli bowls. 


If you are looking for a variety of comfort foods and a spot open late night, Disgraceland is open until 2 am and a great option to satisfy those cravings. They serve beers and ciders and have nightly events. Keep in mind this spot only accepts cash.


A vegan restaurant in “Vegandale” specializing in n vegan junk food. A popular item is their vegan take on the Big Mac.

Earl’s Restaurant 

Earl’s is a great option when you are going out with friends and family who don’t want to go to an all-vegan restaurant. Recently, they launched a plant-based menu and serve the Beyond Meat burger, sushi, cauliflower bites, zen tofu bowl, amongst a few other options that aren’t just a salad. Earls is located in the financial district and a bit moor upscale,  so it’s also a great option for business meetings.

E.L.Ruddy Co. Café

An all-vegetarian restaurant with all items able to be made vegan. I’d recommend to check them out for their brunch! 

♥Fat Choi

Only open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is recommended to make a reservation. This place is delicious and serves Southeast Asian food. It is one of my favourite restaurants in the city.  

Fennel Organic Eatery 

A completely vegan restaurant that serves organic and local ingredients. Their menu changes daily and price is determined by the weight of your plate.

Fancy Frank’s Gourmet Hot Dogs

Vegan options. Sausage shop with two locations downtown that serve the Beyond Sausage and Beyond Burger with a choice of your toppings. 


A very popular restaurant that’s been open for 20 years with multiple locations across Toronto. Serves a variety of dishes, such as bowls, salads, burgers, wraps and more. Fresh also has amazing cold-press juices, smoothies and elixirs. Both the Front St and Spadina Rd locations are recently renovated with an incredible vibe, and the Crawford location has a great patio in the summer months. I recommend ordering the quinoa onion rings as they are the BEST onion rings you’ll ever taste. You’ll thank me later!


This is a casual franchised restaurant that is mostly for take-out and has some vegan options. Perfect for a quick bite, Freshii has bowls, soups, and salads. Many locations across the GTA.

♥Globally Local Fast Food

A vegan fast-food chain that is opening their Toronto location this year. They currently have a location in London, Ontario and it is worth the stop for the crispy chickUN burger if you’re passing by!  

Good Grains

A super healthy, fresh and has a wide variety of plant-based dishes. 

Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant

Located in Richmond Hill and serves an all-vegetarian Chinese menu with delicious noodle dishes, soup, and congee. You can dine-in or take-out. 


An all-vegetarian Indian food buffet with tons of vegan options in the Yorkville area. 

Graceful Vegetarian Restaurant

If you missed Dim Sum and great Chinese mock meats, this restaurant is located in Scarborough. 

♥Grasshopper Eatery

With three locations in the city, Grasshopper is a great restaurant to enjoy with friends or even on a date. I recommend trying their “pulled pork” burger and their mac n cheese. For a little extra spice, add kimchee to the mac – it’s incredible!

Green Earth

An awesome healthy restaurant to visit with food inspiration from all over the world. 

Greens Vegetarian Restaurants

Cheap and delicious Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai vegetarian food. Big portions for the price. 

Hello 123

Owned by the same people as Kupfert & Kim. Great menu and wonderful atmosphere with an alcohol license. 


A vegetarian restaurant specializing in vegan savoury and sweet crepes. Everything here is organic and gluten-free. 

Il Fornello

A great Italian restaurant with multiple locations that has a separate plant-based menu. We loved and enjoyed their pizzas!!

Ital Vital

This is an amazing spot for healthy plant-based Caribbean food with two locations, one in the Kensington area and the other in Scarborough. You can get a small box with either rice or noodles, two side dishes, salad, and their amazing bbq tofu for $10, or a large box are $15 with either rice or noodles, choice of 4 side dishes, salad, and the bbq tofu. If you like spicy food, make sure to try their homemade pepper sauce because it is HOT (a little goes a long way). Their portions are filling and have a large variety of options,  so it is well worth its price point. They also have homemade juices and desserts. This place barely has any indoor seating, but is a great take-out option with very friendly staff. They are constantly changing their options daily! Keep in mind though, a cash-only restaurant.  

Jinya Ramen

A very popular restaurant in the downtown area that is well known for their ramens, with only one vegan option: the Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen.  Although it only has 1 option, this chain is VERY well known and loved, so we still recommend it.

Kings Cafe

A very popular vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Kensington market which serves tons of mock meats, noodles, and tea. There is also a grocery section attached to the restaurant where you can buy some of the items that they serve.

♥Khao Sao Road

A very popular Thai restaurant in the city that has its own vegan menu so you won’t be missing out on their delicious Pad Thai’s and curries! Great vibe and perfect for a date night or hang with friends.

Kupfert & Kim

A very healthy and popular vegan place with multiple downtown locations. Known for their bowls and being gluten-free.

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

During the early lunch hours, they serve delicious vegetarian/vegan dim sum. They regularly have congees, noodles, and stir-fries with Chinese mock meats. Located in Scarborough.

♥Mama’s Tofu

If you are looking for a quick and a super cheap meal and are craving Vietnamese food in the North York area, you definitely need to check out Mama’s Tofu. They provide tons of different kinds of flavourful soup, tofu, faux meats, and other side dishes for all under $10. They also have 4 spring rolls for $1, so you could only imagine how much we eat when we stop by. This is the only place we have found that has insanely delicious and comforting vegan/vegetarian pho broth and has amazing portions for its pricing. Keep in mind though, it is a small family-owned place that only accepts cash and most people come by for take-out. They do have a few tables if you are looking to dine-in. 


A brand new all plant-based take out Thai restaurant. Super fresh and inexpensive. 


Just reopened with a brand new vegan menu. Influenced by French, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Located in the “Vegandale” area. 

Not Your Mother

Located in Doomie’s. They have soft-serve ice creams and milkshakes with interesting toppings! A great treat right after eating at Doomie’s or if you’re in the Vegandale area.  They also make great photos for the ‘gram, if you’re into that!

One Love Vegetarian

A vegan Carribean restaurant with roti’s, curries and fresh juices. 

♥Parka Food Co.

A small cute place that serves vegan comfort classics like mac and cheese, burgers and sides. My favourites are their cauliflower tots, poutine and sauteed onion mac.

Pero Restaurant 

An amazing restaurant that serves vegan Eritrean/Ethiopian food. Their vegetarian platter is super hearty, filling, and flavourful. 

Pho 90

A popular Vietnamese restaurant that now has a separate vegan menu.

Pizza Pizza

A Canadian pizza franchise that uses Vio Life vegan cheese. They now sell plant-based pepperoni, as well as a spicy vegan chorizo. They also have a cauliflower crust, as well as many veggie toppings. 

Planta Burger

A small spot in the financial district for vegan burgers and milkshakes. They get super busy during lunch time with the business crowd, so expect a line if you go for lunch. They do have a relatively small menu, but I would recommend trying their California Burger. 

♥Planta Queen

A vegan inspired Asian restaurant, with an amazing drink menu. They now have dim sim during the weekends. They have sushi, stir-fries, and more. The vibe is incredible and more upscale. Prices are on the more expensive side. 


A great atmosphere, smaller portions and tasty food. Prices are expensive, but the vibe is incredible!

Ramen Isshin

Hands down a great option for vegan ramen. An authentic Japanese feel and very helpful staff.


Three locations within the city. They serve cold pressed juices and organic bowls, soups, and salads. Mainly known for their wide variety of juices and smoothies. 


This vegan Mexican restaurant is located in the Financial district and has a very beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. The vibes are completely on point, so if you’re looking for a cool spot, this is definitely a great option. I’d recommend trying the Rosalinda burger.

Saigon Lotus

A super cheap Vietnamese restaurant located in Kensington Market. The portions are quite generous, the prices are inexpensive and the food is tasty. Casual atmosphere.

Selam Vegan

This restaurant is now combined with Pero Restaurant. It serves amazing Ethiopian food, as well as has a buffet option. 

Simon’s Wok Vegetarian Kitchen

Known for their mock pork and duck. An all vegetarian restaurant with an option to dine in or take out. A great cheap chinese spot in the East area of Toronto.

♥Sneaky Dee’s

A grungy restaurant/bar that has a few vegan options. Open late with live music and DJs, as well as TV screens if you want to watch the game. I would recommend trying their Vegan Nachos – they are a must!! Just make sure to ask for dairy free cheese to be added, as it doesn’t come on it automatically. 

Sorelle and Co.

Two locations within the GTA. An elegant spot that serves vegan desserts that are gluten, nut, and soy free. A pricier spot that  serves afternoon tea. A great spot to have meetings, or to hang out with friends. One of the most aesthetically pleasing bakeries I have ever visited! 

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus has a few locations around the GTA. The Bounty Killah ice cream cone is currently their only vegan option, but it’s absolutely delicious! Keep in mind that during the summer months, sometimes the line is around the block for this spot – we’ve waited up to an hour in the past!

Sweet Olenka’s

A bakery in the downtown area that also has vegan/gluten-free cakes, brownies, ice cream and other desserts.

Tenon Vegetarian Restaurant

An all vegetarian sushi spot with many options that can be made vegan. They have a lot of mock meats and delicious rolls. Located in the markham area, but if you’ve missed your sushi fix I would really recommend the drive up to this place. 

The Goods

They offer vegan/vegetarian soups, salads & smoothies in a take-out environment.

♥The Hogtown Vegan

A very well known Vegan restaurant within the Toronto community, with two locations in the city. If you are craving fried foods or vegan comfort foods, this is your place! Personally, I love their southern combo, their quesadillas, buffalo wings and deep fried oreos. This is a great place to take your non-vegan friends.

The Vegan Extremist

A new spot in Kensington Market that serves South East Asian eats. A great take out spot.

The Veggie Thali 

A quick and yummy take out Indian spot in the Scarborough area. A hidden gem in the city for cheap eats under $15.

The Vegitaliano 

The first all vegan Italian restaurant just north of Toronto, located in Vaughan. They have great sandwiches, pasta, and pizza and I would 100% recommend trying their tiramisu. 

Thrive Organic Kitchen & Café

A very healthy spot for sandwiches, soups, and weekend brunch. A great spot to dine in. 

Tim Horton’s

A Canadian staple. They have FINALLY started carrying vegan options like the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich with JustEgg, and the Beyond Burger. Some locations serve dairy free options for drinks, however they are rare. Pro tip: if you’re craving that java fix and can’t find a location with soy milk, just ask for the Iced Capp with no milk – you’ll be surprised how delicious it is!

Tinh Tam Trai

A vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant located in Vaughan. Many of their options are vegan, and I would recommend trying their soups. 

Tori’s Bakeshop

A bakery that is 100% vegan and gluten free, located in The Beaches. I’d recommend trying their cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and lattes.

Udupi Palace

An all-vegetarian restaurant with delicious vegan options like their dosas, pakoras, and bhajias. Located in Little India. 

Urban Herbivore

Two locations downtown. More of a take-away place, Urban Herbivore has delicious salads and sandwiches, as well as a variety of desserts to choose from. There is a location in the Eaton’s Centre which is perfect if you need to grab a bite on the go. 

Vegan Danish Bakery 

The original store to Copenhagen Vegan Bakery. Located in Thornhill and the menu is very similar to the Vegandale location. A lovely place to dine in.

Vegan Nantha

A 100% Vegan Sri Lankan and Indian take-out spot in Scarborough. A wide variety of options with a low price tag. 

Veggie D’light

A tiny restaurant in Kensington Market that serves delicious Carribean cuisine. Make sure to try their roti.


A great affordable take-out spot for vegan sandwiches, soups, and fresh juices.  

♥Virtuous Pie

If you are looking for something different than your usual pizzas, you’ll have to check out Virtuous Pie for their creative pizzas. This small, cozy and friendly restaurant also serves incredible salads (our favourite caesar salad EVER), great apps (the garlic knots are a win!) and unique ice cream flavours. Take a look at their new delicious summer menu! My favourite pizza has to be the Mac + Cheeza.

V’s Caribbean Restaurant  

Another North York vegan gem. If you are looking for Jamaican flavours and spices, this is the place to go. They have a Chef’s Special ($20), that you can try all of the food items in a bowl with rice, plantains, and some avocado. Personally, I love the Maple Jerk Tofu and curried chickpea Roti – super filling, healthy food. They also have daily specials, porridge, soups, and fresh juices. The staff is very friendly. You can sit in, or take out. Another cash-only spot. 


A plant-based butcher shop and market. You can get some amazing take-out like a ​Chick*n Shawarma, Szechuan “Beef” and more. While you buy your prepared lunch or dinner, there’s a vegan grocery section to peruse. YamChops is very unique compared to other vegan restaurants in the GTA. They currently have two locations.

Zen Gardens 

This restaurant is located in Mississauga, which is near the airport. If you are craving some Chinese food with amazing mock-meats, this is a great option. This is an all-vegetarian restaurant but most items are vegan. You can easily dine in or take out. 

Post contributed by Nikoo Salehirad @nikoochu

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