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Vegan, Mostly Gluten Free, Mostly Raw, To-Go Café
July 31
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707 Fremont St
Las Vegas, Nevada

Simply Pure is located inside Container Park, just off Freemont Street in downtown Vegas. When you walk in, it is on the 2nd floor on your right hand side. It is a tiny spot with only a counter to order from inside. The tables are located outside the restaurant overlooking the park.

For what it lacks in size, Simply Pure makes up for in delicious food. The menu had so many options that I wanted to try, I hope I have the chance to return to try them all! Among that ones that caught my eye were the raw tacos, vegan chicken salad lettuce wraps and the raw chili cheese fries. You could order from the menu or eat from the salad bar. On the blackboard behind the counter, there were combos written – 3 entrées paired together. Note: not every item at this café is raw. They do have items like wheat wraps and cous-cous. If you are on a raw diet, clarify with the server to be sure. It did seem, however that most items were mostly raw and substitutable if required. wpid-2015-08-01-01.11.46-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-01-01.11.42-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-01-01.11.41-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-01-01.11.44-1.jpg.jpeg

I ordered the raw tacos, spring rolls and a side of kale chips. The portion sizes were quite large; 3 tacos, 3 spring rolls and a good amount of kale chips. The tacos were amazing and a definite must-order. The “beef” tasted real and the texture was on point with how I remember real beef tasting. They come topped with a cashew sauce, some tomato and a slice of avocado – heavenly!

The spring rolls were also very good. They are stuffed with vegetables and vermicelli noodles and complemented with a side of sweet chilli sauce. I liked how the vermicelli noodles were pre-seasoned. It added a really nice flavor to the rolls and set the rolls apart from other restaurants. The chili sauce that comes with the spring rolls comes from a bottle, which didn’t impress me. I do wish it was restaurant-made and unique to Simply Pure, not the same one I can buy at my every day food mart. I still enjoyed them regardless.

Last but not least, came the kale chips. Lately, I’ve had a bit of a thing for kale chips. If they’re seasoned well, I am obsessed! Simply Pure’s version had great flavor, although beware if you’re going to be around people: they do leave strong garlic breath. They were baked perfectly; just crunchy enough, without being overdone. I gave one to my buddy to try who is your typical meat-lover (he’d never even heard of kale!) and they passed his taste test! Although he did mention they were pretty greasy. I gobbled them up.

The gentleman preparing the food was nice and I generally had a great experience at Simply Pure.


Amazing food, mostly gluten free and mostly raw
No seating inside - very hot outside, no smoothies, not for larger parties (more than 3), more of a to-go spot

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