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June 30
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Via dei Serpenti, 28
00184 Roma, Italy

Il Gelatone is perfection. For the second time in Rome, I have found a plethora of soy based gelato and I could not be more thrilled. This gelateria had so many flavors, I had to try them all. Only once my hands were overflowing with mini spoons, did I settle on 2 flavors: hazelnut and raspberry. Of course, I went with a gluten free cone – which surprisingly is much more common in Rome than I expected!

In soy flavors, Il Gelatino has cappuccino, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla and more. In fruit flavors, there are more than I could possibly go through, but my favourites are raspberry, blackberry and mango.

My gelato was delicious. It melted fast in the scorching Rome heat, but it was a lovely, refreshing treat. There’s something about walking the ancient streets of Rome licking your Italian gelato. One word: perfetto.

There are a couple of stools inside the gelateria if you wish to eat your gelato inside. Prices for the gelato are standard in Rome: 2.50 euros for 2 scoops in a cup or cone. 

Positives: so many flavors to choose from of fruit and soy gelato, inexpensive, have gluten free cones

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