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July 12
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I found Fatamorgana by fluke 1 year ago. I was on a desperate search for gelato I could eat, since I was so tempted by the copious amounts of gelato being eaten around me. Fatamorgana’s gluten free sign outside their restaurant caught my eye and I’ve been going there since.

The gelato at Fatamorgana is a little different than the other gelateria’s I have recommended, in the sense that these vegan gelato flavors are not soy based. Instead, they are water based. They still offer a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate orange, banana lime, almond apple cinnamon, etc. The flavors are really tasty and not as rich and heavy as those made from a soy base. 

Il Gelatone Srl

Gelateria, Vegan, Gluten Free
June 30
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Il Gelatone is perfection. For the second time in Rome, I have found a plethora of soy based gelato and I could not be more thrilled. This gelateria had so many flavors, I had to try them all. Only once my hands were overflowing with mini spoons, did I settle on 2 flavors: hazelnut and raspberry. Of course, I went with a gluten free cone – which surprisingly is much more common in Rome than I expected!

In soy flavors, Il Gelatino has cappuccino, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla and more. In fruit flavors, there are more than I could possibly go through, but my favourites are raspberry, blackberry and mango.

My gelato was delicious. It melted fast in the scorching Rome heat, but it was a lovely, refreshing treat. There’s something about walking the ancient streets of Rome licking your Italian gelato. One word: perfetto.

CamBio Vita

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June 24
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CamBio Vita is a tiny, cute, vegan and vegetarian cafe style restaurant located just moments away from the Piazza Venezia in central Rome. The serve both vegan food and vegan gelato, with the latter being the restaurants winning feature.

My visit at CamBio Vita was very enjoyable. The staff were extremely nice and answered all of my questions for me without any hesitation. Unfortunately the menu is only in Italian, so it was slightly difficult to order food, but the server translated every item into English for me. I sat on a stool and ate my food next to an opening looking out on the streets of Rome, as tourists and locals passed by, which I liked a lot. 

I ordered a vegan lentil patty (on the menu as the vegan burger), with a side salad and was not impressed with either. The patty was too salty and the salad was small with no flavor. I also ordered a smoothie with mango and ginger and was not blown away by that either. 

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