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June 24
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Via del Governo Vecchio
54 Roma, Italy

CamBio Vita is a tiny, cute, vegan and vegetarian cafe style restaurant located just moments away from the Piazza Venezia in central Rome. The serve both vegan food and vegan gelato, with the latter being the restaurants winning feature.

My visit at CamBio Vita was very enjoyable. The staff were extremely nice and answered all of my questions for me without any hesitation. Unfortunately the menu is only in Italian, so it was slightly difficult to order food, but the server translated every item into English for me. I sat on a stool and ate my food next to an opening looking out on the streets of Rome, as tourists and locals passed by, which I liked a lot. 

I ordered a vegan lentil patty (on the menu as the vegan burger), with a side salad and was not impressed with either. The patty was too salty and the salad was small with no flavor. I also ordered a smoothie with mango and ginger and was not blown away by that either. 

What really made me love this spot, and the reason I will be coming back every single time I am in Rome – and the reason you should visit this spot – was the gelato. CamBio Vita has vegan gelato. I believe with a soy base. I have been to Rome a few times and each time, I am so envious of people walking down the streets with their chocolate flavor, creamy gelato. In the past, I have always indulged a little bit in the fruit gelato, which happen to mostly be vegan, but those have never filled the void of gelato that typically would contain milk. I can honestly say this is the first time that I have truly enjoyed my gelato. I could have eaten 3 of them, I think. I ordered the chocolate hazelnut gelato and mixed berry gelato on a gluten free cone (yes, gluten free cone!). I can’t remember the last time I was able to eat a cone, let alone something as delicious as chocolate hazelnut gelato. Visiting this restaurant is absolutely worth it, regardless of where you are in Rome, JUST for the gelato. 

Prices are very reasonable for Rome, a city which tends to be on the more expensive side. 
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INCREDIBLE tasting & well priced gelato, friendly staff, cute chairs looking out on the streets of Rome.
Food not great quality, very few gluten free food options.

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