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Spark Espresso Fresh Bar

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August 16
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You may have visited this restaurant as Fueled, but for the last few months, Spark has been its name. More appropriate of a name, this vegetarian spot definitely sparks up its neighbourhood. 

Spark has only been open for 11 months, with its one year anniversary approaching on August 30th, 2015, but if you visit this restaurant, you’d think they are seasoned pros. They put a lot of effort and care into their menu and it truly transpires through to the customer. Owned by 3 friends, the man behind the food is Roman. He has developed a menu focused on fresh juices/smoothies, coffee and healthy vegetarian options. Talking to the owners was truly inspiring – you could easily tell how passionate they are about the food and drinks they are serving. 

The menu at Spark is limited, but perfected. The items that are on the menu, are flawless. The food menu is divided into bowls, salads, brunch items, tacos, and sandwiches. Two of my favorite bowls are: 

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