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August 16
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Toronto, Ontario

You may have visited this restaurant as Fueled, but for the last few months, Spark has been its name. More appropriate of a name, this vegetarian spot definitely sparks up its neighbourhood. 

Spark has only been open for 11 months, with its one year anniversary approaching on August 30th, 2015, but if you visit this restaurant, you’d think they are seasoned pros. They put a lot of effort and care into their menu and it truly transpires through to the customer. Owned by 3 friends, the man behind the food is Roman. He has developed a menu focused on fresh juices/smoothies, coffee and healthy vegetarian options. Talking to the owners was truly inspiring – you could easily tell how passionate they are about the food and drinks they are serving. 

The menu at Spark is limited, but perfected. The items that are on the menu, are flawless. The food menu is divided into bowls, salads, brunch items, tacos, and sandwiches. Two of my favorite bowls are: 

Shredder Bowlwpid-2015-08-05-04.15.53-1.jpg.jpeg

Earth Bowlwpid-2015-08-05-04.15.55-1.jpg.jpeg

 You may view the entire menu here:







As you can see, these bowls are a very substantial size. They are extremely filling as Spark loads on the ingredients. The rice is served warm, which really took the bowls to the next level. 

To compliment your bowls, you could try one of Spark’s incredible array of freshly made juices or smoothies. My 2 favorites are the Silk and Emerald River. 

As you may know, I am extremely picky with smoothies. While it is very difficult to make a horrible smoothie, it is not impossible. There is also a huge difference between a good smoothie and a great one. Spark makes great smoothies. The 2 versions listed above are fresh, cold (that’s very important to me and so many restaurants miss this part!) and packed with flavor. The fruit combinations that Roman has been so devoted to creating are really spectacular. 

Spark offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten free treats at the counter. While they do not have an actual dessert menu, they do have all of their desserts on display for you to choose from. The banana muffin below is incredible and TVJ recommended. It also happens to be vegan AND gluten free!wpid-2015-08-04-01.48.57-1.jpg.jpeg

If you’re into eating brunch out, I highly recommend stopping in to try Spark’s brunch menu. Brunch can be particularly difficult for vegans, as most brunch items contain eggs or meat. Spark offers an amazing brunch option called the “Avocado Plate”. The avocado toast is heavenly and topped with mustard seeds – something I’ve never seen done before! I am better off for having tried that combination, it was so delicious. 

Avocado Plate

Last, but definitely not least, we have to tell you about the coffee. Spark is a great coffee shop. They offer vegan milk options so you can enjoy your cappuccinos, lattes or any coffee of your choice, vegan style. The latte pictured below is amazing. Made with almond milk, it is not too strong, not too weak and just perfectly hot. Spark offers agavé, stevia or regular sugar to sweeten your coffee of choice. They put a lot of pride into their coffees and it really shines through. wpid-2015-08-04-02.10.19-2.jpg.jpeg

The decor at Spark is light and relaxed. There are tables to sit at and dine in, as well as stools at the counter looking out onto the street. During the warmer months, the window at the front of the restaurant is kept open allowing fresh air to filter through and lift your spirit. wpid-2015-08-17-02.03.39-1.jpg.jpeg

Meals at Spark are very reasonably priced. The bowls and salads are $12 CAD, the tacos and sandwiches range from $6.99-$7.99. Smoothies are slightly more expensive, coming in at around $7 CAD. 


very high quality food/drink 
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