A Hazy Shade of Winter

December 14
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Well friends, winter is officially here! I have hoped and hoped that it would never come, but every year, a harsh dose of reality hits me: I live in Canada, winter is inevitable. Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE living in Toronto. It’s such a vibrant city full of acceptance and culture. But when winter comes along and those temperatures drop, I do find myself wondering why I live in a city that hurts my face, literally. The air is so cold, it hurts. Nevertheless, this city is my home and I’m grateful to call it that, so I’ve just had to learn how to  bundle up and keep warm when those colder months hit. 

Which leads me to my next point; staying warm and staying fashionable in the colder months sometimes don’t go hand in hand. Most of the time, the jackets that are cute, won’t keep you warm and the ones that will, almost always are made of wool or down (yuck!!). Now I should be clear – these photos below were not taken in below freezing temps. While this jacket is extremely warm, I think anything below zero would need one a little more heavy duty – but that’s just my opinion.

Bershka makes this lovely jacket, out of synthetic materials, which is actually one of the reasons I think it keeps me so warm. I love the ‘leather’ arms and the wrap style of the coat. Wear it open or wrap it around for a chic, warmer look. I got my oversized scarf from Stradivarius and I honestly had a hard time not buying like… 10 of them. I’m obsessed with the oversized scarf look these days. It’s just so comfy! I will link some amazing vegan oversized scarves for you below. My jeans in these photos are by Paige and are so comfortable, I almost never take them off. I love how the rips add some edginess, but they’re so soft, they almost feel like jogging pants. My white shirt underneath is by Marciano from ages ago (similar ones linked below), and of course, I’m of the school of thought that you can never go wrong with some classic chucks, so I threw some on for this look. 

Scroll down to the bottom for the outfit details and similar options linked. 

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Paige Jeans

White, Blue and Red Converse

Bershka jacket, similar to this one ($60) and this one ($149)

Marciano top, similar to this one ($59), this one (ON SALE $24.97), this one ($470) or this one (ON SALE $213)

Stradivarius scarf, similar to this one ($70), this one ($48) or this one ($19.99)

Alexander Wang Sunglasses


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