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May 14
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Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to finally welcome you to the blog! This has been a labor of love and we could not be more happy with how it turned out. The Vegan Jetsetter started as an idea about one year ago.  Mel was bitten by the wanderlust bug, so she began to travel quite frequently. She has been vegan for 3+ years and in every new city she visits, she always searches out all of the best vegan spots. She decided to start documenting her findings, and voila – TVJ was born. She will be posting about all the vegan spots she tries, so stay peeled for new cities to be added. Anywhere you see “Coming Soon!” written means that restaurant reviews in that category will be up shortly. She has A LOT of reviews to put up, so please bare with us throughout this process. 

For the last 12 years, Mel has suffered from a very bad skin condition. Through her vegan journey, she has started to heal herself of it, so you can also look forward to some of her favorite vegan recipes being posted. Every recipe will be labeled either Gluten Free, no oil added or fat free. She loves to cook, so we hope this translates into recipes you can replicate and enjoy in your own kitchen!

Last but not least, we at TVJ believe in trying to live a cruelty-free life in all aspects. So we will be sharing with you, all of the best cruelty free finds. That is make up, clothing, and foods. There will be different categories for beauty products: vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. We use the leaping bunny certification as a guidline for any products we recommend as cruelty free. 

Thank you all so much for stopping by.

We hope that our recommendations help you at home and when you travel next!


The Vegan Jetsetter Team


  1. Malin

    June 11

    What an amazing blog! This fall I’ll be studying in Montreal, and this will definitely be my go-to blog when I need to find a good place to eat 🙂

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