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MelcircleMelissa: Founder and Chief Editor

I had the idea to start The Vegan Jetsetter by combining my lifestyle with my travels. I have been vegan for 3+ years and in every new city I visit around the globe, I always search out all of the best spots to eat vegan food. I decided to start documenting my findings, and voila – TVJ was born.

For the past 12 years, I have suffered from a very bad skin condition (chronic hives). I originally became vegan in order to see if it would help and I’m very pleased to say that through my vegan journey, I have started to heal myself of it.

Since going vegan, my whole life has changed. It has become so much more to me than just trying to help my skin. Being vegan has not only given me a new sense of self, but given new meaning to those around me as well. What started out as just a shift in foods has snowballed into an increased sensitivity for the environment, animal rights and health matters for all of us. It has become a passion of mine and a meaningful purpose for my life.

Next to animals, my two other loves are traveling and cooking. There is a quote that hits very close to home for me:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

I believe this. I believe that traveling, exploring, and experiencing different ways of life are what give you substance. They fill your heart with excitement and educate your mind with culture.

Cooking is my favorite pastime at home. A good vegan meal is invigorating. It brings a family together and provides for endless conversation opportunities. I am constantly coming up with new meal ideas, and I hope that this translates into recipes you can replicate and enjoy in your own kitchen!

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