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October 3
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38 South Bridge
Edinburgh, Scotland

Imagine a store full of pies. Sweet pies, savoury pies, spicy pies, dessert pies. How great would it be if said store had vegan pies?! Well imagine no more – this DOES exist and it is in one of the most majestic cities in we’ve ever visited: Edinburgh. The Pie Maker may be one of our favorite discoveries in our travels through Scotland, thus far. And here’s why.

It is a small shop, with very few seats, and uncomfortable seating at that. But let’s be honest – it’s purpose isn’t to provide you with glorious couches. Rather, The Pie Maker delivers on it’s promise of delicious, original and wholesome pies for a very reasonable price. As a vegan, you have a choice of 4 different pies (more choices for vegetarians) including the Double Potato Roll, Spinach Bougatsa, Mediterranean Ring and Mushroom Bougatsa.wpid-2015-09-29-01.18.16-1.jpg.jpeg

Each pie is bursting with flavor and packed with fillings. They are perfectly crispy, and baked just right. The crust flakes melt in your mouth. Individual pies come in different sizes and textures and are quite large. Definitely filling enough for a meal. 

You may eat there or take them to go! There are 2 different locations of The Pie Maker, open 7 days a week. To see their store hours, check out their website here. The vegan pies sell for £2.50 (a steal – right?!).wpid-20150927103532867.jpg

The service at The Pie Maker was not as good as I had hoped. I can chalk it up to a bad day, possibly, however my questions were met with annoyed responses and I was given a pie filled with cheese, instead of the vegan pie I ordered. Unfortunately, I had ordered that pie to go and only realized the next morning. You can only imagine how disappointed I was. 


All of that said, the pies are worth a visit. They are just that good. Looks like they do sell out of certain pies, so head there early if you want to guarantee they have what you’re gunning for! 

Delicious and inexpensive
Shop was dirty - looked like it hadn't been swept up of pie flakes in days. Also very uncomfortable seating. 

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