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July 7
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2945 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

The Beet serves animal products…let’s get that out of the way first. It is a fully organic café, focused on using organic ingredients and sustainable materials. It is a café that is making an effort to take care of the environment and provide healthier options for those customers who want them. This café is a perfect option to take your omnivore pals if they wish to eat a meat or dairy filled dinner, while you wish to stay animal free. 

The Beet is located in The Junction – an area in Toronto that is up and coming, full of some cool vegan spots. Inside The Beet, there is a counter where you can order take out, or a few tables to sit at and dine in. Outside The Beet, there is a wonderful patio reminiscent of your classic bar atmosphere, but filled with people eating healthier food and drinking smoothies instead of beer. Mostly, anyways. This restaurant does serve alcohol as well, although I didn’t see many people indulging. 

To start my dinner off, I ordered the Almond Oat smoothie and it was exactly what I had been craving. The almond butter in it was just enough to add a great, rich taste, but not too overpowering. For entrées, my friend and I ordered the Buenos Dias gluten free wrap and The Verde Sandwich, both with a side of the soup of the day – squash pear soup. As far as gluten free wraps go, I usually have to stay far away from them as I try to limit my corn intake and most GF wraps contain corn or corn starch. The Beet’s gluten free wrap happens to be a rice wrap, so I was thrilled to have that option! It was a no-brainer for me to jump at the opportunity to have a wrap, as it is so infrequent. It tasted pretty good! I do remember having better wraps when I could eat gluten, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was really happy to devour a gluten free wrap, so there wasn’t much that would ruin it for me. I liked how they toasted it, so the wrap was crunchy and the fillings inside were really good. The spicy black bean spread is what made the wrap for me – it was delicious and the defining factor for why I’d order this entree again. 

The soup was also really tasty! The side soup was small, but just enough to satisfy the taste for it. It wasn’t too sweet or salty – just perfectly seasoned and blended well. I’d definitely order both the wrap, the soup and the smoothie again! The Beet makes 2 fresh soups for the day, so you will have to ask what they have when you go visit. 

To finish off our meal, I ordered the gluten free and vegan chocolate cake. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away by this and my friend went on to describe it as tasting like ‘box cake’. I plan on skipping this next time.

I really enjoyed the ambience at The Beet and I think if and when I am to return for a meal, it will primarily be because of that. The servers were very nice, accommodating and chatty. The prices were average as well for an organic, vegan spot, with my wrap totalling $13 CAD and smoothie coming to $7 CAD. 

I definitely recommend this place.
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great outdoor patio, lots of vegan and gluten free options
Wrap was a little too oily 

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