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King’s Café

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June 28
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I was really looking forward to trying King’s Café. Chinese food used to be my favorite before I went vegan, so I was really excited to have an entire menu of items to choose from, rather than the typical garlic broccoli with rice that I’ve gotten used to ordering at Chinese restaurants. Not that there’s anything wrong with broccoli and rice – it’s delicious! Just gets boring, fast. 

Between my friend and I, we ordered the hot and sour soup, crystal roll, lo han chai chow mien and regular noodles. The crystal rolls were great, although King’s used a lot of rice noodles as a filler inside, instead of more vegetables. Still tasted good though and had a really nice crunch. 

Next came my hot and sour soup. Hands down the best hot and sour soup I’ve had in my vegan life. Granted, I don’t think I’ve had too many, as they frequently contain meat ingredients. I’d go back to this restaurant in a heart beat, just for a large bowl of this soup. 

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