November 25
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655 Bay Street
Toronto, ON

When you think of Pumpernickel’s, you picture the well-known restaurant that’s been around for the last 30 years. The one that’s loved for their famous deli sandwiches full of roast beef, smoked meat, delicious cheese…essentially, everything you’ve given up to become vegan. And while you are right – Pumpernickel’s does still specialize in those things – the restaurant has now become SO much more. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, I had the pleasure of stopping by their Bay St location (there are 12 locations total) to experience just how great this spot has become for vegetarians, vegans and health conscious food lovers alike.

The Food:

I was surprised to learn that Pumpernickel’s offers quite a few vegan options, all made in house. With an extensive salad bar to choose from, there are multiple delicious and nutritious salads to suit your tastes. Fancy something else; the falafel grilled wrap is another wonderful option to fill you up. Fruit salad is an excellent choice for dessert, rounding out the healthy meal perfectly. While this may not seem like a lot of food, let me be clear: I was stuffed. A full salad plate, wrap and fruit salad is enough food to feed two, easily. Worried about the cost? Well, worry not, because the wrap costs a mere $7.95 and the large salad plate goes for $7.75. Dine in or take it to go, you won’t be sorry either way. rps20161129_235743.jpg

The Ambience:

The ambience at the Bay St location I visited is upbeat, bustling with professionals during their lunch hour or shoppers taking a break from their Eaton’s Center spending. The space is airy and welcoming, sleek in its decor and fresh in its feel, with enough comfortable seating to accommodate the busy lunch crowd. Its casual environment makes for the perfect setting to meet with friends, family or colleagues. pumpernickelsbb05rps20161130_001802.jpg

The Service:

At Pumpernickel’s, you order at the counter, pay there and then bring your food to your table. Thus, there is very little service involved. However, I must note that all of the staff I interacted with were extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.

Healthy, quick vegan options (mostly salads), inexpensive
Not many hot vegan options

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