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September 8
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Leof. Andrea Siggrou 133
Athens, Greece

To say that my excitement was built up about this restaurant and then shattered would be an understatement. I had heard that the food was great and that there were lots of vegan options. Unfortunately, my experience at Masina was nothing short of disappointment. 

I will agree with those that think that the vibe at Masina is great. Because it is. The decor is lovely and speaks of Greek authenticity. As well, the staff at this restaurant do deserve credit for being lovely, inviting and attentive. However, that is where the positives end.

Upon entering Masina’s, I discovered that my options for food were extremely limited. Greek food has so many naturally vegan dishes that are extremely delicious, so I was very disappointed to find out that this restaurant did not have most of them. Dishes that I’ve grown to love over my last couple years spent in Greece, like Dolmades or Gigantes Plaki, were nowhere to be found. Instead, I settled on Greek salad without the feta, which can be found at (almost) any restaurant in Greece and it was pretty standard.wpid-2015-09-08-06.27.35-1.jpg.jpeg

To complement my Greek salad, I went with the Fava beans and char grilled mushrooms. Both completely lacking taste.wpid-2015-09-07-06.34.38-1.jpg.jpeg

Unless this restaurant is located near your hotel/home, I do not recommend it for vegans. It is not worth the trip. 

Good ambience.
Few vegan choices, tasteless food. 

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