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August 22
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Avenida Jose Malhoa 14
Lisbon, Portugal

Vegetarian buffet is where it’s at. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love all you can eat plant based foods? I personally love being able to load my plate up, not just once, but twice, or more…. Vegan life is a life of abundance, so bask in it’s glory and eat up!

Green Pepper is a cool spot. It’s closed on Sundays and open all other days for lunch until 3 pm and then from dinner starting at 7 pm. The buffet at Green Pepper is vegetarian and although you can find dishes containing eggs or dairy, there is never any shortage of vegan options. They offer a few hot vegan dishes every day, as well as a salad bar complete with all your vegan favorites. wpid-2015-08-21-01.37.05-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-21-01.37.03-1.jpg.jpeg

The lunch buffet costs 6.95 EU and the dinner buffet costs 9.95 EU.

The food at Green Pepper is savoury and diverse, however lacks in quality. There is always something to vegan to eat and the ever evolving menu is constantly providing new foods to try.

The decor is modern, with a casual twist. The lunch hour fills with local business men and women, while the dinner ambience draws a more romantic, social crowd. wpid-2015-08-21-01.37.02-1.jpg.jpeg

Staff are not the friendliest at this spot, although your interaction with them is limited due to the buffet’s nature. Most staff members struggle with English, however, the restaurant does offer free wifi if you need to rely on a translator. The only foreseeable interaction you may require is to order a drink (the fresh juices are ok- pictured below is mango, orange and carrot), or maybe to get the wifi password and pay your bill.wpid-2015-08-21-01.37.00-2.jpg.jpeg





Healthy, vegan options.
No English labeling, only 4 hot dishes. 

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