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June 28
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90 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, Ontario

Let me start off this post by telling you that Fresh is one of my favorite restaurants. Ever. It’s my go-to restaurant for most occasions: birthdays, dinners, anniversaries, etc. It’s also a restaurant that most non-veg humans love and a great place to take your meat loving pals. There is literally something for everyone there! Almost every item on the menu is vegan, although they do offer very few dairy options. 

I have been to almost every Fresh location in Toronto, as they have 4 spots all over the city. I frequently return to the location on Eglinton Ave, because 1. they have a great outdoor patio and 2. I have friends that live in that area. It is also easily accessible by public metro. The location on Queen St West (Crawford) also has a great patio. 

Fresh is amazing. Their menu is exploding with options. The whole first side of the menu is beverages – a plethora of fresh smoothies, juices, coffees, teas and more. Literally drink heaven; they’ve got everything (including alcoholic beverages!). My recent favorite drink is the ‘Power Cookie’ power shake. It tastes like desert in a cup. I have also tried the ‘Tumeric Gold’, ‘Green Detox’ and ‘Gojiccino”, each one better than the last. 

I’m a big lover of the soups at Fresh. Everyday, 2 new soups are made and they are always incredible! They are always spiced just right, hearty, and never greasy. Sometimes I just go for the soup and a smoothie.

Lately, I’ve been ordering the ‘Green Poutine’ (pictured below). It’s really good! Picture french fries covered in vegan gravy and vegan cheese, but topped with some power greens (kale, swiss chard and bok choy), green onions and sunflower seeds. Be prepared to crave it every day after you try it. It’s addictive. 

I recently tried the Powerhouse bowl (pictured above) and fell in food. That’s like falling in love, but with a meal. It was so fresh and loaded with vegetables and tofu. The sauce is a tahini sauce, which if I may say so, is ah-may-zing. The portion sizes for the bowls are huge and Fresh does offer a smaller, mini bowl which may be more appropriate if you’d like to taste other options on the menu. Really popular are the quinoa onion rings – and rightly so, they are flawless. 

Phytosalad, Quinoa Onion Rings & Ironman:


Prices at Fresh are on the pricey side, with a bowl coming in at $15, salads around $12 and smoothies ranging from $6.00 to $8.50 CAD. 

They do offer a fully gluten free menu for those who have celiac disease or sensitive to gluten. 

I could honestly give Fresh a 10/10 because it is so amazing. The only reason I haven’t given them a 10/10 is because prices are a little high and some locations can be VERY cramped. It can be uncomfortable eating your dinner so close to a bunch of strangers. Or, you could always make new friends… 

BBQ Burger, Green Poutine and Black Bean Burrito:


Photos of Crawford location:wpid-2015-06-25-11.47.14-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-06-25-11.47.16-1.jpg.jpeg

Everything: great menu, always friendly staff, nice decor, nice patio (some locations). 
A little expensive, some locations are very cramped with no free parking. (Spading and Bloor location)

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