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September 19
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20 Oldham Street
Manchester, UK

This coffee shop and store combination is one of our favorite places to hit up in Manchester. It is one of the most unique and vibrant spots I’ve visited. Fig + Sparrow is divided by a boutique store in the front and the café in the rear. With a sense of “togetherness” to the restaurant, a community table sits at the front with separate seating hidden in the back. Lining the walls are beautiful artisan products for sale: cards, crafts, soaps, mugs, kitchen utensils, etc. Everything is so beautiful and unique, you’ll struggle not to purchase it all. wpid-2015-08-06-05.17.27-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-06-05.17.20-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-06-05.17.21-1.jpg.jpeg

The menu at Fig + Sparrow is not vegan, although it does offer vegetarian and vegan delights, as well as some gluten free. Vegan and gluten free options are clearly marked on the menu by a (ve) or (gf). The soup is always gluten free and vegan, and very highly recommended. While most vegetarian spots in Manchester close very early, Fig + Sparrow is conveniently open until 7 pm, although they do stop serving food around 6:30. As they are a brekafa











Recommended dishes at Fig + Sparrow are:

Homemade soup


Houmous, grated carrot + sun dried tomato Sandwich


The coffee must not be missed. Soy milk is offered as an alternative to dairy milk, for any of the coffees or teas listed below. wpid-2015-08-06-05.17.08-1.jpg.jpeg

The soy milk latte was the perfect caffeine fix. 

Soy Milk Latte 


Prices are very inexpensive.


vibrant atmosphere, unique shop full of wonderful items
only soy milk as dairy substitute 

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