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October 1
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463 Manor Road East
Toronto, Ontario

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates 

In just 6 weeks of being open, Drink Juice Co. has become a major contender for fresh, cold pressed juice in Toronto. Owned by entrepreneurs and friends Nadia and Sophia, it only takes stepping into their incredibly cool shop to feel the immense work and effort they’ve put into their juice bar. 

The Juices:

Drink Juice co. boasts 14 different flavors of cold pressed organic juice, along with 4 shots. Each juice and shot is created with a specific benefit in mind; to aid in live function, to detox, to aid in digestions, etc. Nadia, who has a degree in holistic nutrition, creates the fruit and vegetable combinations, while Sophia, who has a business degree, taste tests and takes care of the business aspects of owning a shop. wpid-20150922-1120715367.jpg

These juices are not your average juices, by any means. On the menu, you can find your classics like “Pure Orange”, “Everybody Loves Almond” and “Pure Grapefruit”. However, what sets aside this juice bar from the rest, are their absolutely delicious and impeccably combined unique flavors. With cheeky names leading each juice, every ingredient has been so carefully tested and perfected. Juices “Fineapple” and “Beets by D.J.C” are stand out flavors with particular mention to the beet, dandelion and lemon combination in “Beets by D.J.C”. This ratio of beets to citrus that the girls have created, results in the perfect taste, which may sometimes be challenging with using beets, due to their overpowering juice flavors.1530897_161888227489968_749939577_n

Each juice comes in 2 sizes. The small sells for $4.99 CAD to $9.99 CAD, while the large sells for $6.99 CAD to $14.99 CAD. 

The Juice Bar:

Drink Juice Co. is your ultimate health spot. From it’s bright, fresh atmosphere, to it’s wall lined with healthy cookbooks, teas and delicious snacks, it is full of life and radiating character. Your spirit is automatically lifted once you enter. There is an outstanding taste-test section set up for you to try each and every juice available – and we recommend you do! Each one will challenge your taste buds and surely leave you wanting more. Ever think of juicing jalapeño? Try their “Rise and Rind”! You’ll be shocked (and hopefully delighted!) at how incredible it tastes. wpid-2015-09-29-05.49.27-1.jpg.jpeg

This DJC location is bright and intimate. While there is nowhere to sit inside, you can make yourself comfortable on the Muskoka chairs outside, or take your juices to go. The girls do have hopes to expand with other locations in the near future; with thoughts of one downtown and one more north. You can also look forward to smoothies as an addition to their lineup as the juice bar continues to develop. wpid-2015-09-29-05.49.31-1.jpg.jpeg12120357_181716305503532_1725810035_n

Final thoughts:

Credit where credit is due: Nadia and Sophia have created an incredible juice bar. Health nuts, health conscious, transitioning to a better lifestyle or just want a tasty drink, Drink Juice Co. is your answer. 

Tasty and functional juices, great cleanses
A little expensive (but worth it)

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