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July 31
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75 - 77 High St, Northern Quarter
Manchester, UK

Apparently restaurants close early in Manchester on a Monday, so I was really happy to come across Dough Pizza Kitchen, which was open until 11 pm. Vegan Pizza is always a yes for me, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to make my way over. 

My first impression of Doughs was good – I loved the decor and how large the restaurant was. Everything was modern and warm. There is tons of seating, making this restaurant extremely good for larger parties.

I sat at a table in the corner by the window and people watched during my meal. The crowd was upbeat and buzzing. Everybody seemed to be enjoying their meals. For a Monday night, I was surprised at how many people were out and about! wpid-2015-07-15-12.53.59-1.jpg.jpeg

Dough’s pizza menu is a vegans dream come true. They are able to make almost every pizza vegan by substituting in a soy based cheese. Furthermore, they have a gluten free crust made from potato and rice flour (aka no corn!) that may be used for every pizza option. Every item on the menu is marked by red, green or blue dots, signifying if there’s a gluten free, dairy free and veggie option. I ordered the ‘Torn Roasted Pepper’, but made vegan and gluten free, of course. The couscous that comes with it can be substituted with a gluten free cos-cous, however upon investigating, we did find out that it contains corn. I asked to substitute the couscous with wild mushrooms instead, which they happily accommodated. Relish! wpid-2015-07-31-12.28.37-1.jpg.jpeg

My pizza was amazing. The crust was thin and crunchy, just the way I like it. The vegetables were tasty and cooked perfectly. The ONLY thing I’d change is the amount of cheese on the pizza – I did not think there was enough. It could be just me, but I love a good cheesy pizza. The more cheese, the better. Next time, I definitely plan on requesting more. wpid-2015-07-13-08.14.50-1.jpg.jpeg

The size of the pizza is perfect for one person. Depending on your appetite, you may even have some left over. Prices are around 9 GBP per pizza, while other entrées are approximately 8.60 GBP. 

I was really excited to find out that Dough has vegan ice cream, so of course I had to order a chocolate and vanilla scoop. DO NOT PASS THIS UP. The chocolate scoop was average and exactly how every other chocolate ice cream tastes. The vanilla, on the other hand, was anything but average. It tasted like fluffiness that melts in your mouth. It was incredible. Mine was slightly melted when it was served, but I’m not sure if that was because it may have sat out for a couple minutes first. wpid-2015-07-13-08.54.40-2.jpg.jpeg

The service at Dough was on part with most restaurants – the waitress was kind enough to check ingredients for me and was diligent at making sure I didn’t need anything throughout my stay. My one and only complaint is that it took an abnormally long time to get the bill – but hey, if that’s all I have to complain about, I think it was a pretty good experience! 


so many gluten free and vegan pizza options 
not enough cheese on pizza

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