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July 4
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618 N Thornton Ave
Orlando, Florida

Dandelion Communitea Café was nothing like I expected; but it did blow me away – in a good way. The restaurant record provides a very cottage-like feel. From the rustic sign outside pointing to different restaurants and cute sayings (pictured below), to the old wooden building the restaurant is in, you really feel like you’re dining in a serene environment – almost like you’re at summer camp.The large patio outside is comfortable, with many umbrella’s providing shade from the smouldering heat.

The system at Dandelion is as follows: order at the counter when you walk in, take a number for your order and then take a seat wherever you please. The staff will search the restaurant to find wherever you are sitting and bring you your food. 

The menu at Dandelion is bursting with options. I ordered the “Bean There, Done That” bowl with a mix of greens and quinoa. I also ordered a chocolate, gluten free, vegan cupcake. I loved the bowl; could do without the cupcake. The bowl was very filling – it was a large portion and came with a small side of your choice. I chose the pea guacamole, which I thought stole the show. On top of the salad, is their homemade vegan feta cheese, which didn’t taste like feta at all. It tasted more like hummus, which actually wasn’t a huge problem for me as my love for hummus in strong and unwavering. 

I was eyeing the chocolate cupcake through me whole meal – building up anticipation and excitement for it. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed once I finally took that initial bite. It’s not that it wasn’t good – it was good – it’s just that it wasn’t what  I expected. It had very strong hints of coconut, which I do like, however I prefer my chocolate baked goods to be super rich of chocolate. This was less chocolatey, more coconuty. 

The service at Dandelion was good. The cashiers/servers were all very helpful at explaining what ingredients are inside their dishes and suggested I take a seat before ordering, to review the menu as it was my first time there. Once I put my order in, the food came quickly, which was good because I was starving! 

Prices are very inexpensive for vegetarian restaurants. The meals average around $9.00 USD. I will definitely be returning the next time I’m in Orlando. 

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healthy menu, lots of gluten free options, cheap prices, friendly staff, nice outdoor seating area
food is good and enjoyable, but not mind-blowing good. 

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