Comfortable Chic Through The Fall

December 9
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As the weather gets cooler on my travels across Europe, I am starting to have some fun with this season’s fall trends. There are 3 things I am loving most: hats, huge scarves and asymmetrical sweaters/shirts.

Large scarves are the absolute most comfy thing to accessorize with, in my opinion. They are both functional and stylish – I feel so cozy walking around bundled up and I love that it keeps me warm at the same time.

Fedoras with a very large rim are in style this season and for good reason – they’re so badass!! Pair it with any outfit and your fedora will make it stylish.  Real talk: most fedoras are made of wool, so it can be very difficult to find one that’s cruelty free. Don’t worry though, it is possible!! Just keep your search on and I guarantee you’ll come across ones that you love. 

Asymmetrical sweaters and shirts are my go-to this fall. They’re cute, comfortable and extremely fashionable. In the colder months, I’m all about finding clothing outfits that keep me warm, without sacrificing style. These sweaters are the perfect way to accomplish that. If you’d like something a bit lighter to pair with a jacket, choose a jersey version of the asymmetrical sweater and you’re good to go. I decided to go with a lighter version for sightseeing Barcelona and it was just what I needed. 


 What I wore:

Hat | Stradivarius

Scarf | Zara

Asymmetrical Top | Zara

Shoes | Lemon Jelly

Unfortunately Lemmon Jelly Shoes aren’t sold worldwide, so here are some great alternatives that look very similar and are just as comfortable:

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