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Athens, Greece – The Perfect 2 Day Guide

From A Vegan Perspective
September 5
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Athens, Greece is a destination that I visit A LOT, sometimes even weekly in the summer months. I’d say I go so frequently, that I must have visited well over 100 times at this point. It’s just a city that I don’t get sick of, for a variety of reasons. It’s history, culture and food are second to none, to start. Because I’ve visited the city so many times, I am constantly getting asked what the must-sees and must-dos are, what cannot be missed and where the best vegan food spots are. So, instead of only sharing my Athens knowledge with my close friends, I decided to write this post for all of you to enjoy if you ever visit the city yourself! People typically stop in Athens on their way to the Greek Islands, which is perfect, because you only need 2 days in the city to see everything! I hope you enjoy my guide for the perfect 48 hours in Athens, Greece.

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