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Cosmic Treats

Vegan Comfort Foods & Dessert Bar, Gluten Free Options
October 16
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I’m just going to start on a cliché note: A vegan dining experience changed my life. Really.

This experience went down at Kensington Market’s newest spot, Cosmic Treats. This restaurant and dessert bar is 100% vegan, with a sweet and savoury fare that is 100% not boring or your average “kale and chia” affair, says owner Elliot. He proudly looks around the place, explaining how he combined his 3 favourite things (“vegan food, the colour orange, and outer space”) to create a spot that is truly is his own. The menu is filled with familiar appetizers, main dishes, ice cream, desserts, and alcoholic drinks (including boozy milkshakes!).wpid-2015-10-16-04.43.51-1.jpg.jpg

We began with an ice cream float with sprite and birthday cake ice cream. The ice cream is cashew-based and had a nice firm consistency just like the dairy kind.

The appetizer menu featured salads and gazpacho, but we felt sinful and settled on fried cheese sticks and the mixed root-vegetable fries with a spicy aioli. I was initially skeptical of ordering a cheese-based app since vegan cheeses can be hit or miss – thankfully this went beyond a hit and was a full home-run. The panko was crispy, the cheese was gooey, and the jalapeño havarti offered the perfect level of heat. The root vegetable fries had a nice rustic flavor, and we pretty much licked the aioli dish clean.

Next, we tucked into 3 main dishes.

First up, the barbecued tofu encrusted in Sweet Chili Heat Doritos: Yes, you read that correctly. Do yourself a favour and order this dish; you’ll never find tofu with this much personality again.

Second, the sausage and pepper sandwich: This sandwich featured Italian sausage (tofurky) and peppers, smothered in a delicious marinara sauce with sautéed onions. As a big sandwich aficionado, this really hit the spot and I was incredibly impressed with how savoury it was.wpid-20151010-899561208.jpg

Finally, a breakfast platter of blueberry pancakes, scrambled tofu, and hash browns: This platter was absolutely heaped with food, and would be the perfect hangover helper (or meal, in general) for any vegan or non-vegan alike. I’ve had my share of scrambled tofu and it’s not usually the greatest imitation of the real thing, but this was as good as it gets. (Pictured above)

It would be wrong to come here without trying the homemade ice cream and a baked good or two. We chose the Cupcake Sundae: Your choice of ice cream sandwiched between a chocolate cupcake with your choice of sauce, toppings, whipped cream, and maraschino cherry. We chose vanilla, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and marshmallows, and felt like happy little kids again. The pastry and ice cream were so rich, you truly couldn’t tell that you were eating something dairy or butter-free. The stigma of vegan desserts being either impossible or flavourless were completely shattered with our dessert course, and between mouthfuls we were already discussing which flavours we’d eat next.wpid-20151010-2087459619.jpg

Final Thoughts:

My taste buds were pampered, my expectations were exceeded, and my stomach was quite possibly stretched. I truly cannot wait to come back to Cosmic Treats and work my way through their impressive menu of comfort foods and sweet treats.

See the menu here:





Written by TVJ writer Joanna G. 

Casa Angelina

Tea Room, Vegan and Gluten Free Options
October 13
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“Surely a Pretty Woman Never Looks Prettier Than When Making Tea”

This is one of the quotes that can been seen on the walls of Casa Angelina. One of the many hints of character in this quaint and delicate tea shop. 

I have been visiting The UK for about 3 years now and have always longed to experience afternoon tea. So engrained in the culture, afternoon tea with sweets and savouries looked like such a fun afternoon spent. Unfortunately for me, and all other vegans, most spots that serve afternoon tea do not serve a vegan version. 

In my search to find a vegan afternoon tea spot (I knew it HAD to exist somewhere!), I stumbled across Casa Angelina and am so happy that I did. This tea room blew. me. away. I really had no expectations, as I have never experienced afternoon tea before; however, it turned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more.

The Pie Maker

Pie Shop, Vegan Options
October 3
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Imagine a store full of pies. Sweet pies, savoury pies, spicy pies, dessert pies. How great would it be if said store had vegan pies?! Well imagine no more – this DOES exist and it is in one of the most majestic cities in we’ve ever visited: Edinburgh. The Pie Maker may be one of our favorite discoveries in our travels through Scotland, thus far. And here’s why.

It is a small shop, with very few seats, and uncomfortable seating at that. But let’s be honest – it’s purpose isn’t to provide you with glorious couches. Rather, The Pie Maker delivers on it’s promise of delicious, original and wholesome pies for a very reasonable price. As a vegan, you have a choice of 4 different pies (more choices for vegetarians) including the Double Potato Roll, Spinach Bougatsa, Mediterranean Ring and Mushroom Bougatsa.wpid-2015-09-29-01.18.16-1.jpg.jpeg

Each pie is bursting with flavor and packed with fillings. They are perfectly crispy, and baked just right. The crust flakes melt in your mouth. Individual pies come in different sizes and textures and are quite large. Definitely filling enough for a meal. 

You may eat there or take them to go! There are 2 different locations of The Pie Maker, open 7 days a week. To see their store hours, check out their website here. The vegan pies sell for £2.50 (a steal – right?!).wpid-20150927103532867.jpg

The service at The Pie Maker was not as good as I had hoped. I can chalk it up to a bad day, possibly, however my questions were met with annoyed responses and I was given a pie filled with cheese, instead of the vegan pie I ordered. Unfortunately, I had ordered that pie to go and only realized the next morning. You can only imagine how disappointed I was. 


All of that said, the pies are worth a visit. They are just that good. Looks like they do sell out of certain pies, so head there early if you want to guarantee they have what you’re gunning for! 

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